About the AdOnCar

AdOnCar is a simple operation. The sole purposed of this venture is to provide you the advertiser with the best advertising option available. AdOnCar supports a series of charities, community development initiatives, environmental sustainability projects and homeless youth. And finally, we subsidise the critical service provider’s research and development. The venture is quite simply a triumvirate of wins for Advertisers, Community Services and Critical Service Providers. Pretty neat huh?

If you need more detail on myself, Michael Hawkins you can check my online profile at LinkedIn. We are also developing a BLOG for this venture too – watch this space.

My wife (Kylie) and I also run a patchwork and quilting shop in Hawthorn Victoria, Patchwork House. We operate all our businesses from these premises.

So we are not a big corporate, quite the opposite really. Just a few people with an idea to help a few other people. We hope you enjoy the experience.


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