Anglicare Central Queensland joins the growing fleet of AdOnCar vehicles

Melbourne, Victoria – January 12, 2012 – AdOnCar is delighted to announce the signing of its first fleet of vehicles in the Anglicare organisation. Anglicare Central Queensland have contracted AdOnCar to manage all advertising on their vehicles from 2012 onwards. Anglicare Central Queensland’s  primary role is to respond to the needs of those who are vulnerable and/or disadvantaged.  Our services help many groups including – children, young people, indigenous people, families, couples, men and women – in a range of ways from crisis intervention through to counseling and relationship education.

These vehicles travel predominantly through Queensland’s central region of Rockhampton, Gladstone, Longreach and the surrounding satellite towns. Ferrying home care workers on their daily visits they cover massive geographic distances whilst spending significant dwell times parked on suburban and city streets during client visits.

Anglicare Central Queensland provides a unique advertising option to any organizations wishing to conduct tactical campaigns within the region. They also compliment the growing national fleet providing a broader reach for advertisers than ever before.  The attached map provides a better understanding of the advertising reach and coverage available.

If you are interested in learning how you can drive your advertising spend well beyond the traditional realms contact Michael.


AdOnCar provides innovative targeted low cost advertising options. In addition to the eye catching advertising medium AdOnCar redistributes a significant portion of your advertising spend to charities. In 2010 over $150,000 was generated for charities.

Press Contact:

Michael Hawkins


+61 3 5294 0582

PDF version of press release:

press release for the inclusion of anglicare central queensland into the fleet


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