AdOnCar sponsors the Victorian Women’s Rugby Union 7s Squad

When we were approached to help out with the Victorian Women’s Rugby Union 7s squad we were very excited about the opportunity. The women’s rugby team has in the past competed in a series of carnivals across Australia. The most recent carnival was held in Darwin 22nd & 23rd January 2011. The carnival known as the “hottest 7s in the world” ( catered for men’s and women’s teams.

Previous to this sponsorship the team has had to conduct significant fundraising efforts, rely on a number of goodwill gestures and self fund to get to these carnivals. AdOnCar hopes that the appearance of sponsors names on the team’s jersey will encourage more businesses to get involved in assisting women’s sports. Too often men’s sports receive the lion share of sponsorship and the women are left to do all their own fundraising. By encouraging women to play sport at the highest levels AdOnCar hopes that this small step will help build awareness and increase participation in women’s sport.

In 2011, we are delighted to join the Mt Erica Pub in Prahran as the major sponsors of the team. This year through sponsorship from AdOnCar ( and the Mt Erica Pub, Prahran ( the team were fully outfitted and had additional funding for the carnival.

The jersey presentation night was held at the Mt Erica Pub and it was great to see how the ladies reacted to the team uniforms and jerseys. We just hope that it gives them that extra impetus on the field too.

The team will travel to Canberra and Sydney after the Darwin carnival and we wish them the very best of luck in their future games.


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