And then there were two, welcome Diabetes Australia – Vic.

So we have just finished celebrating the breakthrough of our first customer signing on when the good folks at Diabetes Australia – Vic decide to get on board too! It is such an honour to be working with this fine organisation. To assist them in delivering the Diabetes prevention message will be a real thrill. AdOnCar is steeped in community and to be delivering such an important community service announcement is most rewarding. So if you are over 50 and havent thought about it yet, its time to reflect on your Diabetes awareness. Lisa and the team at Diabetes are reaching out to you all to attend a potentially life altering class on how to prevent Diabetes.

50 year olds plus are the main offenders here so get active folks!

More details on the Diabetes prevention program here:

Life! Taking Action on Diabetes

The good news is a Life! course can help you prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes and is free for most people.

The tailored course can help you feel better and live longer to spend more time with your family and friends. The number of new cases of type 2 diabetes can be halved in people at high risk who have attended a lifestyle course.

If you are at risk and over 50 get on course.  If you think you are at risk, take a risk assessment test.

If you need more information call 13RISK (13 7475).


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