A big week in the short history of AdOnCar

Apologies for the delay in this post – it was supposed to post on 19th March! Better late than never?

Well folks I am delighted to announce that AdOnCar has secured the first customer for its On Car Advertising format. The Buzz Insurance part of the Insurance Australia Group has signed on for a good proportion of our fleet. We are thrilled to have such a strong community focused organisation on board and strongly endorse all and sundry to check them out for your own car insurance requirements.

The Buzz Insurance is Australia’s first online insurer that’s genuinely been shaped by the community. That is they design their products and services hand in hand with the community to ensure they are providing value to Australians wanting insurance.

They’re online and a part of Insurance Australia Group (you may know their sister brands CGU, SWANN, NRMA, SGIO, SGIC). They’re also strongly connected with the RACV who has a 30% interest in The Buzz.

They’ve got a few basic aims:

  • to be simple (because insurance is important but it can be a bit technical)
  • to be available on line 24/7 (so you can get insurance when it suits you)
  • to be easy to deal with (because they know people have got other things to do)
  • to be fair and transparent (so you know what you need and what it costs)
  • and to continue to improve and grow with input from the community.

Well that’s cool enough for me to endorse them!


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